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EAPL 2024 Conference Dinner Registration | July 4th Deadline

We are pleased to invite you to our CONFERENCE DINNER (11th July, 8pm), which will feature a varied buffet. The menu includes soup, fish, meat, vegetarian options, and fruit/desserts.

Main options:

  • Soup: Pumpkin soup with pistachios

  • Fish Dish: Codfish with spinach and cornbread

  • Meat Dish: Duck rice

  • Dessert and Fruit Buffet: Dessert and fruit buffet

Vegetarian Options:

  • Starter: Pumpkin soup with pistachios

  • 1st Vegetarian Dish: “Brás” vegetables

  • 2nd Vegetarian Dish: Seitan steak with vegetables and rice

  • Vegetarian Dessert: Carrot cake with dark chocolate

The dinner will take place at Quinta dos Pézinhos no Tejo, 400 meters from our campus. Enjoy a fantastic view of the Tagus River and plenty of entertainment. See the location here.

Please respond with your preferences and any dietary restrictions by July 4th through this link:

See you soon!


Kind Regards,


EAPL Annual Conference 2024 | Organization Committee

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