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July 10th | Convento dos Capuchos | 8pm - 10pm

**The Convento dos Capuchos**, one of the most beautiful and romantic monuments in Almada, is located on the Costa da Caparica.
The complex was built in 1558 by Lourenço Pires de Távora, the 4th Lord of the House and Morgado of Caparica. It features a modest yet elegant construction.
Severely damaged by the destructive force of the earthquake on November 1, 1755, the convent was almost completely destroyed, with only its front part remaining. However, it is still possible to recall its original appearance.
The Convento dos Capuchos has served as a privileged venue for important cultural events, notably the Capuchos International Music Festival.
Also noteworthy are its beautiful and well-maintained gardens, as well as the viewpoint, which offers a privileged view of Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Serra de Sintra, Cabo Espichel, Torre de São Julião, Bugio, and the Bay of Cascais.




Convento dos Capuchos

Sítio dos Capuchos Rua Lourenço Pires de Távora,41

2825-041 CAPARICA


10th July

8.00 pm - 10 pm

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