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Privacy Policy

The use of this website is subject to the Privacy Policy mentioned below, and the user must check the respective terms for each new use.

Egas Moniz – Cooperative of High Education Cooperative (hereinafter referred to as Egas Moniz) is responsible for the collection and processing of personal data.
Egas Moniz guarantees that personal data is processed in Portugal in a correct and lawful manner, in accordance with European and national legislation applicable to the protection of personal data.
Egas Moniz undertakes to adopt the appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data and not to disclose to third parties information relating to the personal data of its users, nor information on their access, except when legally required.
Users’ personal data are also used, anonymously, to create usage statistics, as well as connection logs. These data can be used in administrative and statistical processes, as well as made available to third parties provided they are anonymized. Users’ personal data are not provided to entities external to Egas Moniz.

Your personal data is collected by Egas Moniz in order to allow contact between Egas Moniz and the data subject and the respective sending of information regarding the congress.
The personal data collected and processed by Ega Moniz will be kept for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we collect them, unless the contrary is legally required.

Egas Moniz may use subcontractors for the purposes of processing personal data, namely for the management of the website, never going beyond the original purposes. In certain circumstances, certain personal data may have to be communicated to public authorities, as required by law.


The user can request access, rectification, opposition to the treatment and the deletion or portability of his personal data, as long as within the legal and regulatory limits established for that purpose.

These rights must be exercised in writing for the following contacts:
By letter: Egas Moniz – Higher Education Cooperative, CRL – Privacy, with address at University Campus, Quinta da Granja, Monte da Caparica, 2829-511 Caparica.

Email address:

If you do not agree with the treatment or the answer given by Egas Moniz, you can submit your complaint to the National Data Protection Commission.

Egas Moniz may change or update its Privacy Policy at any time, even if it is not required by applicable laws and regulations. All changes and updates will take effect after being posted on this part of the site. Therefore, you should regularly access this section of the website in order to see the updated version of our Privacy Policy.

By accessing and using this Egas Moniz portal, the user declares to know and accept the terms and conditions of use of this Portal and agrees to submit all possible disputes arising from its use, regulated by Portuguese law, to the Civil Court of the District of Almada , to the exclusion of any other.

The texts, images, drawings, photographs, plants, music and all other content as well as the brands, logos, names and denominations present on this Portal are protected by copyright and industrial property rights, who owns Egas Moniz or other institutions expressly identified as such.
The contents of this portal, in whole or in part, cannot be edited, published, disseminated or reproduced by any technical means, nor can they be downloaded or copied without prior, express and written authorization having been granted for this purpose. by Egas Moniz or the other holders of intellectual property rights identified on the portal.
It is also necessary prior authorization, express and written, either by Egas Moniz, or by the other holders of intellectual property rights identified on the portal, so that the contents of this same portal, in whole or in part, are transformed, modified, adapted or extracted for other uses.
There are exceptions to cases considered to be of free use, provided for in Portuguese legislation and especially in the Code of Copyright and Related Rights.
Unauthorised use, in whatever form it takes place, is criminally and civilly punishable, as well as disciplinary if necessary, before the Portuguese Courts, under the terms of the Computer Crime Law and the Copyright Code and Related Rights.

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